The Original Veloplug from Simply Lateral

Veloplug Logo

Sticky, single-use bicycle rim tape is gone forever!
Dimples, failures and blowouts are history!

Yellow and Red Veloplugs

Veloplugs, affectionately called Rim Plugs:

  • are a light-weight, re-useable alternative to bicycle rim tape
  • make bicycle spoke replacement a snap
  • and can be made with your individualised logo.

Make Your Choice

Yellow Veloplugs
32 Veloplug Rim Plugs
= 6 grams
Bicycle Rim Tape
Bicycle Rime Tape
= 16 grams

At almost one third the weight of bicycle rim tape, choosing Veloplug Rim Plugs:

  • reduce inertia and revolving mass
  • maximise the benefits of light-weight bicycle rims and tyres
  • withstand pressure of 400 psi (rims and tyres fail well below this figure)
  • are contoured to fit all rim trough arcs
  • vastly reduce the effort normally involved in the removal and fitting of bicycle tyres.